Sweetwine Club is a new wine subscription club and new division of The San Antonio Winery. Their idea behind the business was to start a wine club that was comprised of sweet wine instead of dry wine and target a fun young customer. 

Brand Strategy & Development
When I met with the marketing director and the team they had a wealth of knowledge of who their girl is which served as a great foundation for the brand. Using all this information we were able to create a foundation for the brand position and really emphasize what makes it unique within the market of wine clubs. 

One of the things we defined in the brand discovery session was the brand persona and the target customer persona. Sweetwine's customer, who I named Elena, is a young professional with a modest income and an ethnic background. She likes designer things when she can afford them and often shops at Nordstrom Rack and Forever 21. She's bold, she's outgoing and thinks life should be one big party. What makes Elena stand out is that she doesn't really know much about wine, the regions they're grown or how to pair wine with food. What she really cares about is having a good time and the conversations that happen with her girlfriends while drinking wine. This is where Sweetwine comes in. Sweetwine makes it easy to always have wine on-hand for Elena and helps Elena become more knowledgeable about wine. In other words, Sweetwine is like that cool older sister or cousin who is the life of the party but still responsible enough to be dd at the end of a party. 

Brand Design
After gathering all this key information during the discovery session a few things stuck out. One of which is that Sweetwine needs to be bold and lively enough to attract Elena but still feel like a reputable brand and have just a hint of that upscale quality. With every branding project I approach it slightly different and with this one I started thinking about the colors first. One thing we know about Elena is that she's feminine but not overly girly. After doing many color studies we landed on a bold orange, navy blue, peach, and bright blue. Combined, these colors are bold and lively but also have a hint of sophistication.

With every brand design it is so important to create brand assets beyond the logo. This allows for a wholistic brand and is necessary for marketing collateral, packaging and much more. This is where the patterns and illustration come into play. One of the patterns gives a slight nod to Mexican tiles which we felt would resonate with Elena given that she is of Mexican decent and we felt that the majority of Sweetwine's customers would be women of color. Because this is a wine club we wanted to include a graphic or pattern that spoke to that but not be overly literal or traditional in the execution. One way to avoid that is to stick to the brand colors and create a modern illustration. The illustration helps tell a story and can be used on a welcome card, a recipe card or even an email pop-up on the website.

Overall, this brand development and design is going to help Sweetwine position themselves in the wine club marketplace and attract their target customer, Elena, and hopefully all her friends too! Now that the branding is complete don't mind me as I go pour myself a glass of wine!

The Amplify Collective

Branding & Web Design

"Working with Aimee was a dream!!! She not only captured our vision better than we had hoped, but the process was so seamless + prompt. Our new branding conveys the exact message we desired. It's beautiful. Aimee was open to our changes along the way (although, there weren't many to be honest!) and made great recommendations that we'd never even considered! She went above and beyond to make our new site perfection."
- Bri Seeley, Co-founder of The Amplify Collective

Kind words from Bri