Patterns & Secondary Elements
The mood board I created played off a design aesthetic that one might see when browsing historic archives. I wanted to incorporate that feeling so I incorporated grids and rules but done in a more contemporary style.

Romeo's website not only showcases his publications, cv and bio but we also got to incorporate a lot of photography that he had from his archival work. We incorporated those photographs into each page and we even took our own photographs of old letters, books and items that resembled his everyday life in academia. I also took headshots of Romeo at his alma matter, UCLA to match his brand new website.

Romeo Guzman is a PhD candidate at Columbia University. As he approached the end of his studies at Columbia University wanted to have a website to showcase his publications, education, and community involvement to potential employers. This is starting to become more common with PhD students and academics as they begin to think about how their online presence portrays them as thought leaders in their field. The brand identity and website did a great job of showing off what he is good at, his expertise, and all his various accomplishments and he felt ready to go into the job market. (sidenote, he ultimately got a job as an associate professor at Fresno State, go Romeo!)

Anytime I do a logo for an individual I am always careful that it does not look too corporate and that it does not look like a company and the case was no different for this logo. I focused on his name and used a simple but contemporary sans-serif typeface. The full logo has his full credentials and the secondary logo simply has his name and initials. 

Romeo Guzman