Brand Strategy
Before starting on the brand I sat down with Ricky and fully dissected her personal brand. We outlined his target audience, his brand attributes and what business goals he wanted to accomplish. You can take a look at the brand strategy deck here: Rock Sculpted Fitness Brand Strategy

Social Media Graphics
Ricky was already posting inspirational fitness quotes on his Instagram so it made sense to create brand templates that he could reuse. I created two main templates that could be changed and customized based on the patterns he chooses for the background. I also evaluated his Instagram account and selected which images were more on brand. Part of his brand strategy is that he is not dogmatic about fitness. He is neither Globo Gym or Average Joes (reference from the movie Dodgeball). So any quotes or images that were too negative or dogmatic in nature would no longer fit his brand.

Ricky’s main goal for his brand identity and website was to capture more leads on his website. So I ensured that the main call to action on the site is for users to sign up for their first free session. Ricky is so personable that he felt that once people signed up for their first free session, he could do the rest with his one-on-one training. Within a week of launching the website he received 2 sign-ups for a one-on-one session.

Rock Sculpted Fitness