Services: Branding, messaging, strategy, website design

-Morgan Northway, founder

“ I LOVE the branding! It truly captures my essence and story!”

The look we were going for was subdued and soft. Morgan didn’t want anything that felt like it was screaming or too “showy.” I was inspired by Morgan’s photos of herself and the empathetic nature she exudes. Her logo is made up of a delicate and sophisticated serif font which is paired with a monogram and badge. Our favorite brand element was definitely was the floral pattern. Given that Morgan uses a lot of flower motifs in her Instagram, we felt that continuing that would add in nice visual texture to the site. 

Morgan is a life coach who came to me wanting to get her website under control and give it a makeover while we were at it. After speaking to her about her business needs we decided to do a full branding, inside and out! This resulted in a gorgeous brand identity along with custom illustrations and a website that highlights what makes her business unique.

Brand Development & Messaging
One of the things we immediately addressed was her title and tagline. Morgan felt that the term “life coach” would be confusing to her audience. The majority of her clients are fresh out of college and would probably think that a life coach is for their 50 year-old mother. So we dropped the term “life coach” and instead adopted the word “mentor.” Along with this new title I created the tagline “mentorship for your next chapter.” After doing an in-depth brand discovery of her clients we came to the conclusion that her core service is guiding her clients on to the next phase of their life and tackle those big decisions. This new-found brand messaging made it much more clear what exactly Morgan does and what type of client will benefit from her services.

Morgan Northway