Services: Branding

-Autumn Hatchey

“I AM OBSESSED. I can't deal, I am in hyper excitement overload.”

One of Autumn's favorite elements is the custom script logo. In addition to the main logo we created a few secondary logos that can be used on hang tags, in the footer of her site, on her Instagram, and can provide more versatility. We also created custom icons based on items in her vintage shop and these are being used as categories on her website and on branded collateral.

I love when clients get excited about their branding because I can tell that their business starts to feel even more real. Here are a few things Autumn had to say about her branding:

Make Moves is the an interior design blog and vintage shop started by Autumn Hatchey. She had been blogging and running her business under her own name but when she changed the name of her business to "Make Moves" she decided she needed a brand design that encompassed her values, her style and her point of view as a designer and influencer.

Some of our guiding words for this project in terms of style were: quirky, feminine, sophisticated, carefree. Most importantly, we wanted it to have a slight vintage feel but not feel too routed to any particular era. 

Make Moves