Rather than create a tote bag with just the logo on it, we took it one step further by creating an illustration of a goldberg machine which helps peak curiosity and imagination.



Services: Branding, tagline 


The name also played a key role in the icons and visual story. When thinking about the word, "madly," I thought about the inventors, scientists, and creators that throughout history have been called "mad." Icons such as a hand with a spark, a man on a unicycle, a light bulb, and even a Goldberg machine each play into that story and peak customer's imagination.

Madly is an up and coming online shop that aims to empower businesses through launch kits and e-commerce Shopify themes. One of the key things that Jessica, the founder and I, talked about was how to make her business stand out in the sea of theme and template providers. This was a factor in influencing the aesthetic we chose for the brand. I was also very inspired by the name of the business, Madly. Jessica came up with the name when she thought about her target customers and how they really embody the idea of doing something "madly." 

When a brand and business has a strong name or story behind it, that can allow for customers to connect with the brand. Building upon the name, Madly, we came up with the tagline: "Empowering dreamers, schemers, thinkers and makers" and used that in one of the logos as well as other collateral.