Services: Branding, Tagline, Stationary

-Lauren Anne 

“ Absolutely LOVE what you've done”

One of my favorite elements was combining her name with the tagline so that in an instant you know what the brand is all about. I paired a classic sans serif font with a more handwritten one to give it that edgy, unfussy feel and incorporated hand-drawn florals. The L monogram is currently being made into an embosser for her stationary and it's going to look so cute and so luxe. 

Lauren Anne is a photographer based out of Australia. She's been running her photography business for a few years and it was time for a rebrand that could really speak to her ideal couples. She showed me a few images of the couples she's photographed and they are a little bit more on the edgy side. The grooms sport man buns, pink florals and the brides sport red hair and super cute tattoos and they choose to have their pics taken at ice cream shops and places that are just different than what you typically see. So inspired by this, we created the tagline "photography for the wild at heart" to help speak to that vibe.

Lauren Anne Photography