Services: Branding, tagline

For secondary elements I created a set of icons reminiscent of images you would find in an old alchemy book. These icons symbolize the natural curiosity that we as humans have and that natural desire to make sense of the world and seek out answers. I incorporated these icons into a playful pattern and also created a poster with their brand motto, "let curiosity inspire." The overall feeling of the brand is charming, whimsical, magical, and definitely gives off the vibe that this is a brand that loves stories and creating wonder.

Curious & Company is a digital agency based in Los Angeles. They specialize in creating digital campaigns for the entertainment industry and work with studios such as ABC. Their business name stems from the idea that creativity, innovation, and storytelling all stem from the ability to be curios in one's surroundings.

My client had mentioned that they envisioned using the silhouette of a young child to give the feeling of a child-like innocence and imagination. I loved the idea of using a silhouette so I created a logo that incorporated that element. Much of the visuals that my client was drawn to was vintage, old-timey design and I wanted to ensure that the vibe of his brand felt boutique and custom and not at all corporate. In order to get that effect I created a typographic emblem and used "ESTD" in there as well. We put in the city, Los Angeles, to further anchor that it is an LA-based digital media company.

Curious & Co