Audrey Bellis

Audrey Bellis is the ultimate #girlboss and entrepreneur. As the cofounder of two tech companies, StartupDTLA and Grid 110, as well as the founder of the female-focused brand Worthy Women, she knows a thing or two about starting a business and building community. Audrey came to me with the task of creating a brand identity that would reflect her bubbly personality and many talents. She also wanted the rebrand to help her book more speaking engagements. What resulted is a brand identity that perfectly reflects her personal brand and one that she could use for her online presence.

For the logo I knew I wanted to create something that played off a signature or a monogram and a logo that didn't look too corporate since this is for a personal brand and not a company. The final logo is her named spelled out in a classic serif font with a hand-written monogram of her initials in the middle. Audrey absolutely loved the logo and especially loved the monogram. What's great about the monogram is that she is able to use it in places where the full logo wouldn't fit such as social media, her website favicon, in email campaigns and more.

Colors & Patterns
The colors that we chose could not be a better fit for Audrey as she can often be seen wearing a bright pink dress and classic black heels. She also has such a sparkly and bubbly personality so I incorporated a gold glitter to the color palette. For the patterns I played off the monogram and created a classic pattern that can be used in a number of places such as the website and her emails campaigns.

Social Media Quotes
One thing that is so central to Audrey's brand is the idea of inspiration and motivation. Audrey loves to inspire female entrepreneurs and everytime I go to one of her events she always has such great tweetables. These social media templates are a great way for her to continue to inspire and motivate her following. Plus they were created using Canva so that Audrey could easily reuse them over and over.

Once the brand identity was complete I took that and created a Squarespace website to show off Audrey's strengths, serve as a home to all her entrepreneurial endeavors, and most importantly, help her book more speaking engagements. It also served as a place for her to promote her upcoming book, "Dirty to Worthy."