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I love a good origin story here, in case you  haven't noticed. I grew up in a little yellow trailer in Goleta, CA. My family of six lived in this tiny trailer for four years, my brothers sleeping on the kitchen floor (yes it was that tiny). As immigrants my parents started off with not much to call their own but would eventually find their "American dream" through hard work and perseverance. I feel that those humble beginnings really capture the spirit of entrepreneurship and business as well.

What's the story behind the name Little Trailer Studio? 

My favorite places to get inspired are charming hotel lobbies, fancy cocktail bars, gorgeous old libraries and architecture, and restaurants with swoon-worthy details. And I get super inspired by my clients' stories behind their business.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Yes I can! Have you ever gone to a hair stylist and wanted them to lead the way to a fabulous new hairstyle? I provide that for my clients that aren't sure what aesthetic fits their brand story while still keeping them involved every step of the way.  Although many times the brands I create are extensions of their founder's taste and style, branding isn't just about what the founder likes or dislikes. What's most important is that the brand reflects the business and stands out in the market. That's where it's beneficial to partner with a designer that can translate your business' values into visuals and a powerful brand.

I don't know what style my brand is, can we still work together?

First off, take a look at my portfolio and Instagram! If any of that makes your heart beat then we're off to a good start. Second, reach out and chat with me (or if you're in the Chicago area reach out to grab coffee with me!). Here's what typically is a good client fit for me: business that have a clear idea of their customers and position in the marketplace, a clear idea of how they'll earn revenue, and an appreciation for my established aesthetic and trust in our design expertise, and an easy-going personality.

How do I know if we're a good fit?

My approach to branding stems from the idea of telling a brand story. It can be as simple as getting inspiration from the name of the business and then grow from there. You might not feel like you have a concept but once we dig deeper into your "why" (ie why you started the business, why your customers choose you, etc) we'll discover that there is more to your brand story than you think. When your brand is rooted in your "why," your values and what makes you unique, it makes for more compelling design that customers can connect to.

A lot of your branding projects have a "concept" behind them. Who comes up with that? What if I don't have a concept?

I provide website design for select clients who do a branding project with me. Get in touch for more info!

Do you offer website design?

Heck yes I can! My clients do typically choose us for our aesthetic and work I've previously done but I'm able to design in all kinds of styles. I want to make sure your business has the look and feel that tells your brand story whether that's flirty and feminine, dark and masculine, or even if you want it to look like a fairy unicorn explosion. While I do have our my favorite fonts and colors, I don't impose what's trendy or what's my flavor of the week onto your brand.

Can you design in different styles?

I want you to be fully equipped and I'd be happy to include any additional collateral items. From tote bags to menu items, I'd be happy to design any additional pieces that further supports your marketing efforts or print needs. Get in touch for a custom quote.

Can I include business cards, packaging or other marketing collateral?

I totally get it but unfortunately that's not what I currently offer. Our forte is in creating the entire brand story, and it's really what we love to do! But feel free to reach out to us for recommendations.

What if I just need a logo?

I love to give my clients the full shabang so I have a holistic approach to branding. You'll walk away with a logo, secondary logo, color and typography palette, branding elements such as illustration or icons and a brand guideline. 

What's included in your branding package?

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