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Curious & Co Brand Identity


Curious & Co Brand Identity


Curious & Co Brand Identity by Little Trailer Studio

Curious & Company is a digital agency based in Los Angeles specializing in creating digital campaigns for the entertainment industry. Their business name stems from the idea that creativity, innovation, and story telling all start by being curious in the world around us. The founder of Curious & Company came to me to create a brand identity that spoke to that. Although the founder is a graphic designer himself, as a designers sometimes it can be challenging to design for yourself. It was clear that this was the case with this client. He had accumulated at least a hundred images in his dropbox of inspiration but had yet to take that inspiration into a reality. After four years of collecting inspiration images for his agency he finally decided to outsource the brand identity to someone who could truly execute his vision.

When clients give me images of things they like, it is my job as the designer to find meaning in them and be clear about what it is exactly that they are responding to. One of the images that repeatedly came up with my client was the image of a silhouette of a young boy. We both agreed that using the silhouette would be a great way to represent curiosity and imagination. I used the silhouette as a main element in the logo and it could also stand alone as an icon for the brand.

My favorite aspect of this branding project is how the whole curiosity aspect. I came up with phrases and illustrations that spoke to curiosity. One phrase I came up with was “let curiosity inspire.” Being curious in this agency’s clients is what enables them to do great work within the digital realm and story telling. I also created illustrations reminiscent of images you would find in an old alchemy book. These icons symbolize the natural curiosity that we as humans have and that natural desire to make sense of the world and seek out answers. We also created a few goodies that could be handed out to the agency’s clients to help inspire curiosity in their projects such as a calendar, a notebook and even a poster with a custom graphic that I created.

So what did my client think about how I executed his vision? He originally thought the icons were too flat so we experimented with icons that had more detail. But when we paired those illustrations with the logo, the color palette, and the simple silhouette, we reverted back to the flat vector illustrations I created. Sometimes vector illustrations lack personality and I think my client felt that it was missing that “old-timey” look that he was drawn to. But when I created a pattern and poster from these illustrations, they really brought the entire brand identity to life. In the poster I created I added a copper texture to convey a magical feeling and is a nice contrast to the flat icons.

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