5 Ways to Boost Your Brand

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5 Ways to Boost Your Brand


5 Ways to Boost Your Brand

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How to Boost Your Brand Part 2

Today’s blog post is part 2 of how to boost your brand (be sure to read part 1!) I’m going to share the five components that make a strong brand and how you can incorporate them to boost your brand. As I discussed in part 1 of this post, branding is such a powerful business tool for your business. Branding is what separates you from every other business. So how do you get a strong brand that helps the success of your business? It is important to note that a brand is not build overnight. Your brand story is something that is constantly being told and is constantly evolving. It is through a series of actions that your brand story starts to unfold.

1. Define Your Purpose & Message

What are your brand’s values? What do you believe in and what is the reason that you started your business? This question is really about your “why” and goes beyond whatever your product or service is. Here at Little Trailer Studio I provide branding and web design services to creative entrepreneurs. But why did I choose that for my business? Why did I choose creative entrepreneurs? Why does Little Trailer exists? Little Trailer’s purpose is to empower creatives to forge their own creative path, take their creative ideas seriously. Little Trailer values independence, nonconformity, creativity, and empowerment, to name a few. So as you can see my values and purpose don’t necessarily have to do with beautiful logos, or great websites. But the way that I execute that purpose is through my services, my blog, and my workshops. These are tools that allow me to execute my purpose. But these tools can change. I can easily answer that purpose by writing a book, hosting a conference, becoming a life coach and much more. Your business’ offerings, products, and services may change over time but what shouldn’t change is your purpose and your values. Every marketing action and every business decision should stem from these values.

Take action: Clearly define what your brand’s value and purpose is. Why did you start your business or career path? Share your story and values with your followers. People buy from people and people buy into stories. The more your purpose and values are at the forefront of your business, the easier it will be to build your tribe.

2. Position Yourself as a Trustworthy Expert

Where does your brand stand in the marketplace? As I mentioned in part 1, strong brands are leaders in their fields. What will take your business to the next level is your ability to position yourself as an expert and your ability to carve a niche for yourself in the marketplace. I have positioned Little Trailer Studio as a boutique design studio that caters to creative entrepreneurs. I have done this by pricing my services at a price point that makes sense to my ideal clients, crafting a content marketing strategy that speaks directly to them, and aligning myself with other like-minded brands. For example, I am partnering with Worthy Women, a Los Angeles-based organization that has events for female entrepreneurs, on a branding workshop later this month. I also recently was featured by an online mag called BUNCH which allowed me to position myself in front of my ideal clients and it allowed me to share the story and values behind Little Trailer Studio.

Take Action: Partner with a like-minded brand to position yourself as an expert. Position yourself in front of your ideal customers/clients through content marketing, partnering with like-minded brands, and even sponsor an event or free workshop. Speak at panels and conferences. Write an article on a controversial issue in your industry or share your expertise on social media, on a guest blog, etc.

3. Get Clear on Your Brand Voice + Brand Personality

This one is a fun one. Your brand absolutely has its own personality and your brand voice should reflect that. Is your brand serious, funny, sassy, playful? I do a branding activity with all my clients where we envision their brand as a person. Take a look at the questions below and answer them for your own brand. Have fun with this exercise and it’ll reveal a lot about your brand personality.

If your brand was a person what would that person be like?

Would they be male/female, young or old?

Would they be loud, shy, flirty, emotional, logical?

Where your brand shop if your brand was a person?

What type of clothing would your brand wear?

Where would your brand hang out?

If your brand was a car what kind of car would it be?

The answers to these questions will reveal a lot about your brand personality. These answers can also help you choose your colors and overall aesthetic for your brand identity. If your brand has a bubbly personality you probably wouldn’t choose dark, muted colors right? This is typically my client’s favorite way to think of their brand and it helps us get on the same page as to where we should take their brand identity. The answers to these questions will also help steer your brand voice. If your brand personality involves being funny, how can you incorporate that into the copy on your website, your social media, the way your customer service team answers the phone, your email signature, your products packaging, your business card and everywhere else?

Take Action: Go through every post and every sentence on your website with a fine-tooth comb and upgrade your copy so that it sounds like it is coming from your brand. I wrote a blog post specifically on this topic with the help of a Modcloth copywriter. Read that post here.

4. Upgrade Your Visuals

As I mentioned in part 1, your brand is not your logo but it is an important piece of the puzzle. Your brand identity, your website, your graphics, your Instagram, and overall aesthetic should accurately reflect your brand personality and if it does it’ll be a whole lot easier to attract your ideal clients and customers. Your visuals will often be your brand’s first impression to your customers and can communicate what you do before your messaging does. We digest visuals much faster than we digest any other type of information so it is extremely important for a business.

Take Action: Evaluate all your brand’s visuals. Clean up your graphics so that they are consistent and reflect your brand’s personality. Ready to take your diy logo and website to the next logo? Feel free to contact me about working together!

5. Nurture Your Tribe

The relationship between your business and your following is what makes your brand. These are the people that are spreading the word on your brand and are telling their friends about you. Your followers will support your brand and be the first people to try out that new product and will be the first people to sign up for that new service so you need to treat them like the VIP’s that they are! How can you reach out to your community and nurture your tribe? For Little Trailer Studio I do that through content marketing and providing valuable resources to my followers. I respond to every comment on my social media and am active on my follower’s social media accounts as well. I share stories and content that is relevant and interesting to them. Sharing on social media and being active in the local creative entrepreneur community here is LA has been key to growing my brand. It is important to note that when you are sharing you are not only talking about your products and services. Content marketing is not about advertising what you sell. Add a lifestyle element to your content marketing strategy and keep it authentic. When you are crafting your content marketing strategy keep your brand purpose and values at the forefront of your mind and make sure everything sounds like your brand. Don’t copy what other people are doing. Your followers will love you for being you so embrace your brand voice and personality!

Take Action: Craft a content marketing strategy that is authentic to your brand’s purpose and values. Share content that is relevant and interesting to your followers. Get active on social media and join the conversation, don’t just post post post without engaging back. Take your brand offline and get involved in your local community.

Also for all of you LA-based creative entrepreneurs I am teaching a branding workshop. We’ll dive deep into how to craft a brand that works for you and how to drive your business through branding. This is a hands-on, no bs workshop. So come ready to get your hands dirty and do some serious work on your brand all while sipping mimosas and collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs like you! Spots are limited so don’t wait! Register Here. And I have a special coupon code for Little Trailer followers so email me if you’re interested (guzman.aimee@gmail.com)!

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